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University Medical Science and Technology Park in Košice, Slovakia

University Medical Science and Technology Park in Košice, Slovakia

(MEDIPARK, Košice)

The aim of the project "MEDIPARK, Košice" is to build a university biomedical science and technology park as the top national and international center for applied research and its transfer into practice in the field of biomedicine.

Our vision is a) to integrate human potential with expertise in biomedical sciences and research infrastructure in four major institutions in Kosice – i.e., P. J. Šafarik University in Košice, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Technical University in Košice and Slovak Academy Science, Institute of Neurobiology in Košice, b) to build the grounds for scientific interactions between academic institutions and the business sector in biomedical research and development with subsequent transfer of the acquired knowledge and innovative technologies into applications in human and veterinary medicine, pharmacy, biotechnologies and bioengineering.

Research activities will be realized in five CORE research programs: 1. Pharmacogenetics and personalized therapy, 2. Metabolism – atherosclerosis – ageing, 3.

Neurosciences, 4. Regenerative and reproductive medicine, 5. Zoonozes and important infectious diseases. Transfer of research results from the CORE research programs into clinical practice is expected mainly in the following areas: development of personalized medicine in the therapy of malignancies; personalized therapy in reproduction; innovative measures in the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of atherosclerosis and its complications, diabetes, sleep apnea, renal failure, endocrinopaties, and neurological diseases associated with ageing; innovative technologies in the microsurgery and endoscopic surgery; innovative therapies of degenerative diseases and injuries of nerve tissues and sceleton; innovative preventive epidemiological strategies and diagnostic measures in limitation of zoonozes and infectious diseases.

In summary, by building MEDIPARK, Košice we will achieve the concentration of scientific potential and experimental infrastructure in the fields of medicine, biology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering and informatics, allowing the integration of biomedical research throughout the region of Eastern Slovakia. Applications of the research results will be reflected in the development of innovative preventive, diagnostic and treatment strategies of serious disorders and improvements in clinical practice. Moreover, outcomes of the scientific work in MEDIPARK will impact public health procedures, education strategies and progress in biotechnology.

Videozáznam prezentácie o Medicínskom univerzitnom vedeckom parku v Košiciach v rámci konferencie "Modely fungovania vedeckých parkov a výskumných centier: skúsenosti a príležitosti pre Slovensko".


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