On November 17, celebrations of International Student Day were prepared as a commemoration of the events of the 50th anniversary of the closure of Czech universities by the Nazis. At the end of the official meeting, security forces brutally intervened against demonstrating students in Prague and began beating them with batons, although the students behaved calmly, sat down and handed flowers to the ZNB. As a result of the events at Národní třída, Prague university students began a weekly strike, which was gradually joined by other students and theater actors from across the territory of Czechoslovakia. These demonstrations took place all week until November 27, when a nationwide general strike was planned. These events triggered groups seeking to change the regime in Czechoslovakia to create a broad social platform opposed to the communist regime. The Civic Forum and the Public Against Violence movement in Bratislava were established in Prague. The federal government called on actors and students to end the strike and return to peaceful work and study, while preparations were made for military action against the opposition and citizens with armored vehicles, tanks, and special equipment. The leadership of the Communist Party decided to resign from the plan of military suppression of demonstrations and decided to resolve the situation by political means, appointing a new Secretary General. Formally, this was the first victory of the opposition over the communist regime. At the same time, representatives of the VPN publicly demanded the abolition of the leading role of the Communist Party and democracy without attributes as part of the television debate.

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