Technology and Innovation Park

Meeting with representatives of the Joint Research Center (JRC) in Brussels

The representatives of TIP-UPJŠ attended meetings from 21st to 23rd of the October 2019 with representatives from Joint Research Center JRC in Brussels. The meetings were held in order to complete the project of the Technology and Innovation park UPJS in Košice. Representants from TIP-UPJŠ was the director of TIP-UPJŠ prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc. and doc. JUDr. Renáta Bačárová, PhD., LL.M., entrusted with the management of the Center for Technology Transfer, TIP-UPJŠ. JRC was represented by Alessandro Fazio, Sharon Shamuilia from department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer JRC Brussels and by other employees from their department.

The results of these negotiations are:

  1. Approval of five experts from EU, that will work together with the team from TIP-UPJŠ on strategic evaluation of project tip.
  2. Approval of prepared concrete steps of the TIP-UPJŠ team.
  3. Approval of time plan for work on the project.
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