lms.upjs.sk: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login into the LMS.UPJS.SK system?

You login into lms.upjs.sk via the button at the top (or bottom) of the page.
lms.upjs.sk - AiS2 login button
TThen you will be redirected to the AiS2 authentication server, where you will type your AiS2 login details. After clicking Sign In it will redirect you back to lms.upjs.sk
Autentifikačný server AiS2

I didn't receive a confirmation email the first time I signed in, what should I do?

Check your inbox in the email account you have registered with AiS2. Sometimes it happens that the confirmation e-mail ends up as a spam message in the SPAM basket. If you do not find the confirmation e-mail after the check, write to lms@upjs.sk

The lms.upjs.sk system reports when login: The user information returned did not contain username and email address. The OAuth 2 service may be configured incorrectly. How do I proceed?

In this case, there is an error on the side of the data registered in AiS2 (eg missing e-mail address as primary address). Please contact AiS2 administrators for your department / faculty).

What should I do if the system reports: A user already exists on this site with this username. If this is your account, log in by entering your username and password and add it as a linked login via your preferences page. If this is your account, please contact the administrator. The problem is a discrepancy in the registered data (eg e-mail address).?

In this case, there is an error in the difference between the data registered in AiS2 and lms.upjs.sk (eg different e-mail address, username). Please contact the lms.upjs.sk administrator lms@upjs.sk.

I have an unspecified problem login into the LMS.UPJS.SK system. What should I do?

There is probably a problem with the password expiration. Login into AiS2 and change your password. Login into lms.upjs.sk with new login details.
If you have problems with login into AiS2, please contact AiS2 administrators for your department / faculty)

It is mandatory to use the university email address?

In accordance with the rules of UPJŠ (Rector's Order No. 12/2015) please use exclusively the university email address for work and study purposes at UPJŠ (name.surname@upjs.sk or id @ student.upjs.sk). If you use another address, we must verify your identity, which will extend the processing of your request.

Although I logout from lms.upjs.sk, after clicking again to login, the system login me in without entering my login details. Why?

The university has a single sign-on system. Just login into one application and the others (which are connected to the system) no longer need to login.
If you login via devices with shared access (eg classrooms, computer in a shared household, boarding school), we recommend after finishing work and logout from lms.upjs.sk (also other portals) close the browser.
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