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Investment in rebuilding interior and exterior of UPJS MF´s buildings

More than 300-thousand EUR were invested by UPJS MF in 2013  for repair, maintenance and control of equipment within  the exterior and interior of Faculty area on Trieda  SNP1: e.g. reconstruction of a staircase in front of a main entrance of the Faculty building with creation of a small, relaxing zone;  replacement of a front door and a staircase from a back side of the main building, general repair of two elevators, finally three are in full service;  repair and waterproofing of a roof; reconstruction of sanitary facilities, replacement of floor coverings in 4 lecture rooms and in the Aula; fixing air conditioning in a Laboratory of research biomodels; the new benches in the relaxing zones; setting an  electronic system of attendance at the lectures in the UPJS MF lecture rooms; installation of computer techniques for teaching in a UPJS MF ´s classroom in 1. Private Hospital in Košice-Šaca. In the past few days has been completed the installation of 7 stations with internet access  (4 beside the lectures rooms on the first floor and 3 beside the Aula).  Some of the major investments were carried out last year due to the structural funds EU. Those funds enable the Faculty to modernize its technological background and so to improve teaching process of pregraduate and postgraduate education. “This leads to an increase of the international prestige of the Faculty and reflects the growing interest of students from abroad " alleges Dr.h.c. Prof. MUDr. Leonard Siegfried, CSc. The Dean of UPJS MF. The Faculty plans to continue in similar activities this year also, specifically reconstruction of a forth section (metal cladding), renovation of the toilets near the Aula and in the basement of the forth section, repair of a lift  in a second section.

Last update: 11.01.2018