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The project of our students has won

Pontis Foundation financially will support the project of the students of UPJS MF in Košice “Together for a healthy and beautiful smile”. The project of our students won the highest number of votes among all student projects – 3 698 visitors of
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The Slovak Dental Student Association, under the patronage of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, for the second time will organise a nationwide roadshow focused on prevention of oral hygiene. Its motto is a slogan "Healthy smile is beautiful smile". As a level of oral health in Slovakia is in an alarming condition, it encouraged future dentists to come out to the streets, to spread awareness among the general public so as to enable everyone to improve his/her oral health status. The project will be run as the nationwide roadshow in eighteen Slovak towns. During 14 days they will travel with two estate cars from West to East Slovakia and to carry out training courses to teach people proper technique of tooth´s cleaning, motivate them to improve their oral health care and to increase the level of awareness about the importance of oral hygiene´s prevention. Participants will receive a toothbrush so they would be able to practice right technique.

Last update: 11.01.2018