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Matriculation ceremony

      The Matriculation ceremony of the 1st year students of Bachelor's and Slovak and English Doctoral study programmes General Medicine and Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of UPJS took place on Friday, November 14, 2014 in the Aula of the Medical Faculty. The Dean Prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD., the vice-dean Prof. MUDr. Darina Kluchová, PhD., the Study advisors and the Chairmans of the student associations were presented at the ceremony.
     The ceremony was led by the vice-dean Prof. MUDr. William Donič, CSc., who reminded students their rights and obligations consequential when registered for the study. He stressed students´ responsibility to prepare for their future career. The study is the beginning of a beautiful part of students´ life. "The atmosphere at our Alma Mater and your memories depends on you“, he noted. The ceremony continued by matriculation promise by which the students promised to perform their study duties, to respect the decisions of the Academic Senate, University and the Faculty, to study the best way to bring versatile benefit,  to honour, protect and spread reputation of the Medical faculty of UPJŠ and to not commit anything to damage it.  The matriculation promise was executed by Max Seabrook on behalf of all the students. Then Prof. MUDr. Darina Kluchová, PhD. introduced all students to the matriculation committee. At the end of the Matriculation ceremony, the vice-dean Prof. MUDr. Viliam Donič, CSc. wished the students success in their study and expressed his wish to meet the students at the Graduation ceremony as well.

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