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The Department of Experimental Medicine organized an International Conference

      The International Scientific Conference about probiotics and prebiotics - IPC2015 took place in Budapest on days 23. – 25. 06.2015. The Conference was organized by the Department of Experimental Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ in Košice and was attended by nearly 400 participants from around the world. The scientific program focused on current advances in the research, production and use of probiotics and prebiotics, and particularly their role in health promotion and disease prevention.
      The aim of the conference was to provide a scientific forum for all who are concerned with these issues and help them exchange knowledge on the level of current knowledge. It was focused on the presentation of scientific evidence-based health-promoting effects of probiotics and prebiotics in clinical and experimental studies. At professional events were presented new approaches and visions in the field of probiotic research and the participants had the opportunity to meet people who influence or in the past influenced the study of probiotics and prebiotics, or shape their future through basic research, clinical studies, legislation and industrial development technology. The Conference also allowed to establish new professional contacts for future cooperation in this area of research.

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