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Intercession of the Dean of UPJŠ MF on the occasion of the International Day of Students

      Dear students,
      on November 17 we celebrate not only the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy, a national holiday commemorating the Velvet Revolution in 1989, as well as International Students' Day. Maybe you do not know that it is related to the events of 1939, when on the anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia held in Prague demonstration against the Nazi occupation. Reactions were shooting into the crowd, which claimed the lives of two people. One of them was a student of medicine, Charles University Jan Opletal whose funeral was spontaneously transformed into a mass rally against Nazism. The answer was an attack of invaders on the night of November 17 at dormitories in Prague and Brno and abducted more than 1200 students to concentration camps in Saschenhausen and Hitler's command to close all Czech universities for three years. In Memory of these events it was two years later in the UK on November 17 declared International Students' Day.
      Students played a significant role in our history for the second time in 1989. The Velvet Revolution began on the eve of the November 17 in Bratislava by demonstration of groups of students for change of the school system, and a day later was held in Prague a major commemorations of the events of 1939 that has changed to demonstrate for change of the school and the entire political system. It provoked brutal police intervention against demonstrators, which launched the so-called velvet revolution coupled with the collapse of the totalitarian regime in the former Czechoslovakia.
      Young people had never lack courage, therefore, have always been considered a driving force of the nation. Today we live in a more peaceful times, but no one knows what the future will bring - after all, just look at recent events in Paris.
      I firmly believe that our students have the heart and mind in the right place and always will be able to properly decide which side to stand up.
      At the same time I hope that your time of studying at the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ will not be interrupted by any emergencies and you will be able to dedicate uninterrupted journey to your dreams. I wish you a pleasant holiday.

On behalf of the entire leadership of the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ
Your Dean Daniel Pella

Last update: 11.01.2018