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Medical students warned against the risk of infection with HIV

      Medical students of UPJŠ in Košice participated in World AIDS Day by organizing educational event for student dormitory. They prepared information kiosk in cooperation with the Slovak Red Cross Youth at Medická 4, on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 where residents and visitors of dormitory can participate in questionnaire related to HIV infection and AIDS.
       "Questionnaire was completed by 147 young people. The volunteers also handed out to passers-by information leaflets, diaries and red ribbons that are the symbol of World AIDS Day and attaching represents solidarity with the infected. At the end of the event after 18 o'clock we lit candles for the victims of AIDS." said Nikola Kapolková, head of the Club Public Health Association of Medical Students of Košice, student of the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ.

Last update: 11.01.2018