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Our students were successful at the Winter Universiade 2016

      The winner of the Winter Universidade in women's giant slalom in Vyšná Boca on February 20, 2016 was  student of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ- Barbara Kantorová. "As dean of the faculty and passionate skier I am very pleased that our student of physiotherapy in bachelor degree, attributed  one nice victory to account of our university. It is a significant success, which raise the profile  of our faculty and UPJŠ in the sports field and I hope that not the last. Barbara Kantorová will start on the scratch - line at the SKI WORLD CUP 2016, Jasná on first March's weekend and the members of Faculty of Medicine board will have crossed fingers," says dean prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD., who congratulates to other medalists from the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ.

      Excellent performance at the Winter Universiade in 2016 also presented another students of Faculty of medicine, UPJŠ:
Zuzana Kormošová
1st place in karate KATA and 3rd place in women KUMITE in category up to 50kg.
Zuzana Schwartzová 2st place in women KUMITE in category up to 55 kg.
Marigona Mehmeti 3st place in women KUMITE in category up to 55 kg.
Viktória Pillárová 3st place in women KUMITE in category up to 55 kg.
Wojciech Kurzynski won a medal for second place in mixed doubles and third place in the men's doubles in badminton. Representatives of futsal and floorball were successful too.
Matúš and  Marek Vilček, students of Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ won the gold medals in futsal. The floorball team won the silver medal. The four students of Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ - Jakub Blaško, Dávid Bauer, František Dabóczi and Marek Lenárt, were the members of this floorball team.

      Some about Barbara Kantorová:

      "I have really busy schedule in this season, but I am glad to let me start at the Winter Universiade and I was able to represent UPJŠ and Faculty of Medicine, which I am currently studying. I am happy of first place and although I do not know how much help my win in final placement of our University, so I hope that I help raise the profile  of our faculty and UPJŠ in the sports field," says Barbara Kantorová.
      Barbara is busy with school and skiing. It is like two full-time works at the same time , because full-time study at the Medical Faculty UPJŠ is not be resolved by individual study plan. She recognises the sport can not do all her life, so she  decided to study  field of study, which is closely linked.
      "Physiotherapy is closely linked to sport , I can called it motion therapy. It is a way to be health without pills and I'll be glad if  I  join my sports experience with a professionalism. I'll be able to help people with movement disorders. I find this field of study very attractive and close to me, because of my sports activity. In addition, I think that studing physiotherapy and knowledge of anatomy and physiology will also help to my sports career," she said.


Last update: 07.03.2016