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Our students discussed with medical students from all over the world in Malta

      Six students of Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ  represented  faculty and the Slovak Republic in the Global General Assembly IFMSA March Meeting 2016 , from March  2nd to March 9th , 2016. Slovakia was one of hundred countries around the world  represented by our students at the mentioned youth event, while the number of total participants exceeded one thousand.
       "Medical students of UPJŠ worked in four  of the six permanent committees-  the committee for education in medicine, comittee  for human rights,comittee for professional training and comittee for research internships. Within the committees are held lectures, discussions and training sessions devoted to specific topics, such as increasing the level of activities in medical education, efficient use of databases,  foreign internships and improve the social program for trainees," says Mária Oravcová, who  participated in the event with her classmates: Dominik Kobák, Marián Sedlák, Vladimíra  Sobolová, Katarína Sláviková  and  Petronela Pillárová.
      They shared experience with their foreign colleagues and they presented the project 'Get To Know ' of the Association of Medical Students of Košice Slovakia, which allows trainees from abroad to get  know our country, while staying in Slovakia. Students introduced our country during the social event 'National food and drinking party ', where they offered  to participants traditional dishes, snacks and drinks from our country. On this occasion, Maria Oravcová and Dominik Kobák borrowed traditional Slovak costumes from various areas of eastern Slovakia.

Last update: 13.03.2016