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Long-term collaborator of UPJŠ received a prestigious award

     Associate Professor dr. J. P. Jitse van Dijk of the University of Groningen received the Royal Medal award for his outstanding contribution to the development of knowledge in the field of public health in Europe. Associate Professor dr. J.P. Jitse van Dijk keeps a long-term cooperation with the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ. The prestigious award was given by André van den Nadort- the Mayor of the Dutch city, Ten Boer, where Jitse van Dijk lives.
      Research activities of Jitse van Dijk in the Netherlands and also in other European countries has allowed a significant contribution to solving problems in the fields of public health and health care in Central Europe. His work has improved the possibilities for participating in social life for people with chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, kidney failure and Parkinson's disease. Associate Professor Van Dijk also played a role in raising awareness of unhealthy behaviors and its prevention of adolescents and health problems of the Roma community. His important contribution to solving problems in the fields of  public health and health care in Central Europe was the reason for granting the Royal Medal.
      Associate Professor Jitse van Dijk is a long-time employee of the University of Groningen, where he works as a researcher at the Institute of Public Health. His more than twenty-year cooperation with the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ led to the defense of 27 doctoral theses of our students.  
      "I have a sincere joy of the award of  Mr. Jitse van Dijk and I believe it is in the right hands. His collaboration with the team of Professor Madarásová- Gecková, Medical Faculty, UPJŠ significantly contributed to the scientific achievements of our university. We highly appreciate grant percentage, scientific outputs and results of doctoral education in the context of this cooperation. I believe that Jitse van Dijk feels as an integral part at our university, because he actively cooperated  with our Faculty of Science, later at Faculty of Arts and currently at the Medical Faculty. I wish him good health, a lot of creative ideas and I look forward to meeting with him at Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice," said Rector of UPJŠ- Prof. RNDr. Pavol  Sovák, CSc.


Last update: 25.04.2016