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Medical students prepared School of Health for general public

      Medical students of UPJŠ organized a preventive event for the general public called the School of Health at a shopping centre Aupark in Košice  on Saturday, April 16, 2016. There were four spots each focused on something different.
      ,,At the first spot we measured blood pressure, body fat, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This station aroused great interest among visitors. We examined a total of 164 visitors and 80 others visited a spot called Antitabacco, where we measured the carbon monoxide in exhaled air of visitors. We gave an apple to each smoker who gave up their cigarette, as a symbol of the prevention of the lung cancer. We were pleased that up to one quarter of the smokers - out of 21 – accepted this exchange," says a student of the 5-th year of Medical Faculty, UPJŠ- Nikola Kapolková, Head of Club of Public Health, Association of Medical Students of Kosice.
      At the third station, medics provided information about first aid in cooperation with the Slovak Red Cross Youth. At the fourth station, they presented the Teddy Bear Hospital, designed for four to six-year old children to help them get rid of the fear of doctors. The second aim of this interesting project is to enable medical students to learn to communicate with pediatric patients better and gain confidence, by which the examination of the patient speeds up, diagnostics improves and unnecessary traumas of children are avoided.
      Teddy Bear Hospital is a project of Slovak Medical Students' Association, which is organized in twenty countries around the world. In Slovakia it is held in Kosice and Bratislava. It is aimed to eliminate the syndrome of white coat. Small children treat their own soft teddy bears, of which they are usually very happy. Children pretend to be their parents and they try to explain what their pets suffer from to students in the role of doctors.


Last update: 26.04.2016