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Saudi doctors and medical students conducted free medical examinations

      Saudi doctors in Slovakia, together with the members of Association of Medical Students of Košice conducted a free measurement of blood glucose, blood pressure, eye and vision, BMI and a urine examination  for the visitors of the shopping center Optima in Kosice on Friday, May 6, 2016. The voluntary event was participated by 13 doctors, graduates of the Faculty of Medicine ,UPJŠ who along with the medical students educated people in the field of healthy nutrition, the dangers of smoking, prevention of some types of cancer and a self-examination of  testicular and breasts.
      "The aim of the event was to raise public awareness about certain diseases and the importance of preventive examinations and self-examination and to introduce Saudi doctors to Slovak public," says one of the organizers, MUDr. Alaa Mustafa Nowra, who considers volunteering  as an important part of the doctor's  profession and mission.
      The team of doctors and medical students reached and handed the educational materials over to more than 900 visitors of shopping centre and examined more than 200 candidates. "We were surprised by the interest of people and we are very pleased to reach such a large number of the visitors," adds MUDr. Alaa Mustafa Nowra, commenting on the successful event.


Last update: 17.05.2016