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Word experts lectured at VII. Neonatology Conference in Kosice

      The twenty-six interesting lectures were given at VII. Neonatology Conference in Kosice, which was organized by the Department of Neonatology, Medical Faculty, UPJŠ and DFN Kosice. The event was dedicated to news in Neonatology, the routing and research in the world and the possibility of the new diagnostic treatment and procedures of neonatology. The major international conference was held in barracks Kulturpark in Košice. The world's leading neonatologists were present among the lectors.
      "We talked mainly about the latest researches in Neonatology and about what we should focus the diagnostic process on, the treatment as well as the humanization of care for mother and child. It was talked about the first minutes of life, non-invasive respiratory support, the umbilical cord - when it should be interrupted, or what to do with it right after the birth and about all the key issues in the neonatology. From this perspective, the main priority of neonatologists is to secure breathing and blood circulation, which is related to providing mechanical ventilation for pathological newborns and prevention of lung injury of severely premature children." says the Head of the Department of Neonatology, Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ  and DFN MUDr. Peter Krcho, PhD. – the program director of the conference.
     The other important topics of the event were the metabolic balance in newborns, targeted use of antibiotics, anemia, neonatal jaundice, or the importance of the breast milk. The interesting lecture was devoted to the whole-body hypothermia from which newborns can greatly benefit and also the question of dealing with the unexpected complications and critical situations. The participants also openly talked about the ethical issues.


Last update: 22.06.2016