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Graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Medicine

      The graduation ceremony took place in the Assembly hall of Faculty of Medicine, UPJS on June 30 and July 1, 2016. The graduation ceremony involving more than three hundred former students. There were among 175 graduates of Medicine in Slovak language, 45 graduates of Dental Medicine in Slovak language, 66 graduates of General Medicine, 6 graduates of Dental Medicine, 13 graduates of Physiotherapy, 10 graduates of Nursing and 10 graduates of Public health.
      Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD. emphasized in his ceremonial speech, that the day of graduation ceremony is undoubtedly rank among the most beautiful day in students lives as a result of the multi-annual intensive study and the knowledges are their greatest wealth on which they will build the foundations of their future professional life. You have successfully completed the university study. „You have managed the "fights" with professors, associate professors and assistants. What is waiting for you now will be much harder. During the exams your teachers sometimes only smiled a little bit, occasionally raised their voice, or rolled their eyes – but no patient never died during the exams. Real life of doctor is also the "life of his patients." You will live with them their pain, you will walk them out of the hospital fully recovered, but you will also experience moments of disappointment because medicine is not omnipotent. Profession of doctor and teacher is beautiful.“ emphasized Dean at graduation ceremony. At the same time he reminded the graduates of the Hippocratic oath and wished them not only to bring health but also to feel pleasure about it. „Let your job to be also your pleasure and then your life will be happiness, too“ concluded Dean his speach.
      Beautiful speeches had also representatives of students. Graduate of study program General Medicine Elisavet Anagnostopoulou from Greece to their colleagues and relatives remebered how difficult it was to launch six years ago, wandering her dream in a foreign country when they left the safety of their home and their loved ones and came to study at the Medical Faculty in a distant unfamiliar city, which they had problem to find on a map. They had to deal with an entirely new situation, but they were supported by parents and classmates who have become their second family. „Despite the fact that we all came from different nations, religions, cultures or mentalities. Those were the people, with who we shared our dreams and doubts, our achievements and failures, our good and bad moments, a shoulder to cry. Our jokes, long- lasting memories that will never be forgotten! Last, but not least, we would like to thank our professors for their knowledge, dedication, motivation, professionalism and compassion“ said Elisavet.
      The graduate of Medicine Ján Gofus particularly expressed thanks to strict teachers who moved the students forward. In his emotional speech, he has not forgotten to the teachers, parents and classmates, but thanks also to God, in whom upon successfully challenging six years' study of medicine should believe perhaps everyone. He also emphasized that in the spirit of the words of Saint-Exupery's essential is invisible to the eye, so it is also with the four letters "MUDr." "It's not just the title before the name, but above all the mission which we will fulfill..."


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