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Medics prepared educational events for the prevention of male diseases

      The students of FM, UPJŠ  organized  the second year of a successful event MOVEMBER to contribute to the awareness of men about prostate cancer and other serious health problems related to the stronger gender on Saturday. The Event of Club of Public Health Association, Club of Public Health, Association of Medical Students was supported by several celebrities - musicians and sportsmen of Kosice and took place in Aupark, Kosice.
     The Dean of FM,UPJŠ prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD.  evaluated the interesting activities of students and he is very pleased that students are active and that they are gaining experience in organizing outreach events while training communication with their potential patients. "I am very pleased that, as the recent event called,, Pink October" focused on women's health, the „bearded“ November found its fans and helped raise awareness with regard to the exclusively male diseases," he said.
      The event has involved 14 medical students of FM,UPJŠ who attracted and informed a total of 470 men, thus outperforming last year's number of respondents by more than two hundred. "We have addressed all of passing men and tried to explain them the importance of caring for their own health in the context of male cancers and prevention of prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Our main goal was to wreck inhibitions and shyness of men, because it concerns  a male intimate health. It proved true to us that especially older men have a problem with shyness and fear of preventive examinations at urology and they also have a tend to downplay the situation. But the reality is that prostate cancer is the third most common cancer diseases of men in Slovakia ... "says Samuel Brunc, the student of the 5th year of the FM, UPJŠ.


Last update: 28.11.2016