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Medical students informed other students about the risks of HIV

     The cultural event organized by medical students on the occasion of the World AIDS Day was ended by  lighting the candles and releasing a red balloon of happiness into the air in memory of people who have succumbed to AIDS and also as a sign of solidarity with sick people on Thursday, December 1, 2016. The event was held at the student dormitory at Medická 4 street in the period between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Students informed other students about the risks of HIV transmission, while trying to demolish prejudices in relation to infected humans. Medical students approached almost two hundred students and experienced serious conversations and lots of fun.
       "The event was held on the ground floor of the student dormitory  for the third time and we addressed together 194 students who filled out our questionnaire and recieved red ribbons as a symbol of the event. Students usually asked us the means of transmission and the reasons why the disease occurs more frequently in certain groups of people than others. Of those who were interested in more information, an infectious disease specialist Professor Pavol Jarčuška willingly took hold," said co-organizer of World AIDS Day 2016- Lucia Čergeťová, a student of third year of the FM, UPJŠ.
        The Head of the Department of Infectology and Travel Medicine, FM UPJS and UNLP and  president of Slovak Infectologists Association, SkMA - prof. MUDr. Pavol Jarčuška, PhD. came to support the event and provided detailed information to students. He also evaluated the interesting activities of students. The reality is, he said, that even after 35 years there is no effective treatment to kill a causative agent of AIDS. But the developed countries, which include Slovakia, have fortunately available a high efficiency antiretroviral therapy for patients that can significantly prolong and improve the quality of their life despite the virus infecting.


Last update: 16.12.2016