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The 2nd year of the Race for the Dean´s Cup, FM UPJŠ in alpine skiing was successful

    The 2nd year of the Race for the Dean´s Cup in alpine skiing took place in Ski Centre Levoča – Levočská Dolina on Saturday, February 18, 2017. The Dean Prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD. invited all students, employees and supporters  of the Faculty of Medicine,UPJŠ to the second annual event, which was attended by forty competitors.
    The prizes were awarded to the winners by the Dean, who was delighted of the successful event, good weather conditions and excellent responses of competitors and other participants of this pleasant event. After awarding diplomas and beautiful cups, the event continued by free skiing and other program of participants, among whom were the Head of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ - doc. MUDr. Peter Jarčuška, PhD.  and the Vice-Deans - MUDr. Silvia Timková, PhD. and prof. MUDr. Viliam Donič, PhD.


Last update: 28.02.2017