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Opening ceremony of the exhibition of Dr. Ján Selye’s life and work

        A ceremonial scientific meeting to the occasion of opening of the exhibition of  Dr. Ján Selye’s life and work, who is considered as the father of modern stress research took place at the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ on April 10, 2017. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine,UPJŠ. prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD. appreciates that students can learn in interesting way a little more about the life and work of Ján Selye, who understood the nature of stress, described the measurable manifestations and discovered the adaptation syndrome.
        Ján Selye, full name Hans Hugo Bruno Selye (*20.1.1907 †16.10.1982), was a Canadian doctor, biologist, chemist and endocrinologist of Hungarian and Austrian origin, whose roots go down also to Slovakia. The base of his scientific merit is the description of stress to the human body and the presentation of reliable evidence of the existence of biological stress, for which he was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Last update: 20.04.2017