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Medical students advised women how to detect breast cancer

    Medical students of UPJŠ organized the 3rd year of a successful event Pink October, where they attracted and informed more than three hundred  visitors on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in the Aupark shopping center, Kosice.
    Students talked  about the correct technique of breast self-examination, which is a simple and very effective method for early diagnosis of breast cancer. Women could try self-examination technique and how to palpate a lump hidden in a silicone model breast. They also pointed out the importance of mammograms and regular gynecological examinations.
    "We've reached a total of 331 people, of whom about 30 were foreigners and most of them were, of course, women. We also distributed information brochures to everybody and pinned them a pink ribbon to show solidarity with oncological patients," says Sindy Granda, a fourth-year student who was pleased with the interest of the public and the media about this event.


Last update: 01.11.2017