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Medical students evaluated the first student assessment

    The students of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ published the results of the first student assessment of the teaching process, realized at the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ after the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018. The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ- prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD. assured students during the preparation of the questionnaire that the Faculty Board will take into account the results of this evaluation and this has contributed to the great interest of the students in participating in the assessment of the study program General Medicine in the Slovak language for the academic year 2016/2017.
    The assessment of teaching by students in this range in Slovakia has not yet been realized. The aim was to map the opinions of students to further improve the teaching. The conclusions of the evaluation are concrete proposals of students to improve the teaching process, which were submitted to the Faculty Board and to the Academic Senate of the FM UPJŠ. The assessment has resulted in many positive evaluations of the departments, clinics and specific pedagogues.
    Students of the FM UPJŠ are planning to prepare further assessments and extend them not only for the Dental Medicine Program in Slovak language but also for doctoral programs in English in the future.


Last update: 04.12.2017