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The staff of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ informed about groundbreaking research at a press conference

    The staff of the Department of Neurology, UPJŠ and UNLP informed about groundbreaking research leading to early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease at the press conference on Thursday, December 7, 2017. Its aim is to enable a confirmation of the disease before the appearance of the characteristic movement disorders of patients in early stage of development of the disease, when potentially neuroprotective drugs with significantly higher efficiency could be applied and symptoms could be more markedly deferred.
    The speakers were the Head of the Department and the responsible researcher of the project- prof. Zuzana Gdovinová, M.D., CSc., FESO and other staff of the Department of Neurology- Coordinator of the project Matej Škorvánek, M.D., PhD. and Co-Project Director Eva Feketeová, M.D., PhD.
    The APVV-14-0415 project entitled "New Biomarkers of Premotoric Stage of the Parkinson's Disease" was launched by staff of the Department of Neurology, UPJŠ FM and UNLP in January 2015 and is going to be completed in June 2019. However, the design of the project is long-lasting in order to identify the most beneficial factors for diagnosing the premotoric stage of Parkinson's disease, and therefore they want to continue and apply for follow-up national and international grants.


Last update: 08.01.2018