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The foreign students visited the High Tatras Mountains and the Jasovská Cave

    Positive feedback has been received from the foreign students of General Medicine who recently visited the High Tatras Mountains, the highest mountain range in Slovakia, and the unique Jasovská cave, located near Košice.  „Jasovská Cave belongs among the most important caves of the Slovak Karst National Park. It is also added to the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its rich calcite flowstone fill, remarkable rocky shapes and development of underground spaces. The specific properties of this environment are used for speleotherapy, especially for the treatment of chronic and allergic diseases of the respiratory organs. The students were fascinated by visiting the cave and they enjoyed walking to the Jasovská Rock, where they saw the beautiful scenery of Eastern Slovakia“, said the organizator of the trip Tatiana Kimáková, assoc. prof. DVM. PhD. from the Institute of Public Health and Hygiene.
    Moreover, foreign students of General Medicine visited the beautiful High Tatras, where they experienced the mountain adventure. The trip to Popradské pleso has contributed to the development of their environmental perspective. The students who prefer the urban way of life emphasized the importance of the close contact with nature. The views were  beautiful and unforgettable although the weather was not ideal.
    Students appreciated the opportunity to better know the beauties of Slovak nature. Moreover, it was the perfect possibility for team-building of students. Students' comments are included below.


Last update: 10.01.2018