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Our student started at the Olympics

The Faculty of Medicine, UPJS not only successfully prepares doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and public health paramedics for its future profession, but also there are successful athletes among its students.  The Slovak skier Barbara Kantorová, who is a student of the study programme Physiotherapy at the FM UPJS started at the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pchjongjang. The first Olympian who studies at our faculty competed overall in five disciplines.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD. is proud of the Slovakian representative and keeps track of her career as a passionate skier. "Participating in the Olympics is a great honor for every athlete and I am very pleased that our student could compete at the Olympics in Pchjongjang. I kept fingers crossed for her to perform the best of her skiing at the challenging track, under great pressure which the start of such a sport event is, "says prof. Daniela Pella, PhD, M.D., PhD. who appreciates what Barbara has achieved.

"Besides being a slalom elite, she is also a very successful student. Being able to do two things at the top level is incredibly challenging, and besides studying, Barbara has less time for sports training. Getting into the elite is a dream not only for every athlete, but also for a teacher, a scientist or a doctor. Barbara is among the elite – and, metaphorically speaking, if she studied, for example, in the USA, she would belong among the 'adornments of the faculty'. That is why I will like to characterize her as one as well, "adds Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD.

The stay of athletes in Pchjongjang was complicated by  weather conditions in the early day. The thermometers showed minus 25 degrees, the real feel was ten degrees lower due to the wind. It was on the edge to go out in such weather, not even race ... And how does Barbara rate her performance at the Olympics? "Even though my skiing were not as optimal as I would like, I feel quite good about it. The truth is that every athlete, in case they do not get a desired medail, always say that it could have been better. But when I look at the matter with care and consider all the circumstances, I am more or less happy, even though I didn’t give my best performance, "she commented.

Our student is delighted that she has again contributed to the visibility of the Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice and her Faculty of Medicine through her participation in the Olympics. As she noted, "it's quite challenging to study at University and do sport professionally, but thanks to the Faculty Board and teachers I handling it well."

Last update: 07.03.2018