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Film interviews with foreign students

    Approximately 50 percent of students from abroad, who come from about fifty countries, are currently studying at the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS. At the end of 2017, we addressed several students to say what led them to study at our faculty in a short video, how it affected their lives, their experience with the study of medicine, how they spend their free time in a foreign country, what would they bring to attention from Košice and Slovakia to their friends or what they are missing and also what they would like to tell others about their country or the city they come from ... We have published their answers on our website and you can check them (click) .
    The videos on this page will be gradually complemented and our ambition is to reach out to the various students in a colorful mosaic of expression.
    Students who are interested in our activity and would like to participate in the film production of other videos, please send a contact email to the PR manager on . Please state as a subject "VIDEO" and write your name, contact e-mail and phone number.
    Thank you in advance for your willingness and cooperation!

    A Dean´s letter

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