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The renowned dentist Jiří Sedelmayer lectured to the medical students

    An interesting program was prepared by students of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS on the occasion of the World Day of Oral Health on Tuesday, 20 March, 2018. They instructed students and staff in dental hygiene at the faculty building and they also ensured a lecture by the world-renowned stomatologist dr. Jiří Sedelmayer for the Dental Medicine students.
    Dr. Sedelmayer is a Czech emigrant, studied medicine in Germany and worked at the University of Hamburg for many years, where he was the first teacher ever who taught his students in oral hygiene practically and gained world appreciation in this area.  He continues with oral hygiene training after retiring and moving from Hamburg to Prague, while even in his seventies organizes lectures and workshops for dentists and students in various countries of the world.
    Dr. Jiří Sedelmayer was welcomed by the Vice-Dean Silvia Timková,M.D., PhD., who appreciated not only his willingness but also the students' interest in meeting with this capability in the field of oral health. At the beginning of the meeting with the students, Jiří Sedelmayer revealed some of his personal and professional life and then lectured four lecture blocks about oral health, preventive dentistry, dental plaque and dental diseases.


Last update: 03.04.2018