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The 3nd year of the Dean´s Cup, FM UPJS in slalom was successful

    The Dean’s Cup, FM UPJS  in slalom for skiers and snowboarders took place on Saturday, March 10, 2018, in the SKI CENTER in Vyšná Boca - Malužiná. The Dean prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD. - big fan of „white sport“ prepared the third year of this event for the students, employees and friends of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS. It was attended by 70 participants, mostly students, of whom 11 were foreign and more than 30 Slovak. They competed in four categories.
    Some competitors took it seriously, weaker skiers and snowboarders came to have a fun. The race was not even without falls, which were fortunately more comic than tragic. The winners have won, besides medals, also beautiful trophies and various skiing equpment. The prizes were awarded by the Dean of the FM, UPJS  and publicly known people. The Ladies-skiers from the Faculty of Medicine were awarded by the singer of the well-known band No Name -Igor Timko, the male-skiers were awarded by the Olympian Barbara Kantorová - a student of our faculty, the category of friends of the FM, UPJS were awarded by Tomáš Žampa Sr., father of the Slovak representatives in skiing - Adam and Andreas. The Vice- Dean Silvia Timková congratulated to snowboarders.
    The participants spent three days (from Friday to Sunday) in the Low Tatras. The weekend was in a sporty and friendly spirit, even though it did not miss adrenaline and tension, especially by the more competitive individuals. But the aim was not just to measure their strength, but to focus, to relax, to entertain themselves and to get to know each other. Who did enjoy the medals? WINNERS

    And how do Dean of the FM, UPJS prof. Daniel Pella, M.D.PhD as an organizer assess the event ?

    "We promised our students and employees world skiing, which sounded perhaps a little exaggerated and everyone could imagine something different. I believe that no one was disappointed, because the track was built by top skiing coach Tomáš Žampa and I am very glad that our invitation was also accepted by skiers such as Filip Rzepecki. He competed in World Cup  with Henrik Kristoffersen from Norway, who is currently the second best slalom skier of the world. It is thanks to the presence of this sympathic Pole that the phrase ,word skiing' is appropriate," says prof.  Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD.
    The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS also welcomed the presence of our student Barbara Kantorová,. "Barbara was another adornment of our event and I very much appreciate that, despite the medical complications, she kept her promise to come to our Cup among our classmates and I was greatly delighted by the unexpected and beautiful gift - her Olympic start number. She gave it to me as an appreciation for organizing a competition for students and staff and it was really the most valuable trophy and reward for me," said the Dean.


Last update: 25.04.2018