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The DEM organized the international congress „SOMED 2018“

    The Department of Experimental Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS organized a significant professional event in Budapest - SOMED 2018. The 40th International Congress of the Society for Microbial Ecology and Diseases was held on 18 -19 June, 2018 at Corinthia Hotel and its subtitle was "Microbiota in health and disease ".
    The Head of the department MVDr. Alojz Bomba, DrSc. assesses the Congress as very successful. The Participants of the SOMED 2018 Congress were also invited to participate in the International Scientific Conference: CONFERENCE ON PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, GUT MICROBIOTA AND HEALTH - IPC 2018, which took place on 18-21 June 2018 in Budapest and the Department of Experimental Medicine was a co-organizer. More than 300 participants from 80 countries participated in IPC 2018.

Last update: 24.07.2018