Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Peter Jarčuška, M.D., PhD. is the new Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ 

    The new Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ became prof. Peter Jarčuška, M.D., PhD., who was inaugurated by the Rector of UPJŠ prof. RNDr. Pavol Sovák, CSc. in the presence of members of the University Board and representatives of the Faculty Board and the extended Dean's Board.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Rector thanked prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD. for almost eight years of cooperation and presented letters of thanks to all Vice-Deans whose terms of office had also ended - prof. Monika Halánová, D.V.M., PhD, prof. Eva Mechírová, M.D., CSc., prof. Želmira Macejová, M.D., PhD., MPH, assoc. prof. Silvia Timková, M.D., PhD., assoc. prof. Pavol Kristian, M.D., PhD., assoc. prof. Jozef Firment, M.D., PhD., and prof. Peter Jarčuška, M.D., PhD.
    Afterward, the Rector handed over the floor to the Dean, professor Daniel Pella, who in a short speech thanked all his colleagues for their good work and willingness to help and wished them many successes in their future work. "Only today I have fulfilled one big dream - that I have successfully completed my second term of office together with you, and during those eight years together we have managed to promote many useful things for this Faculty, its staff, and students," stated prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD.
    Then Rector Pavol Sovák invited professor Peter Jarčuška, who was elected Dean by the Academic Senate of the UPJŠ FM in May this year, to solemnly take the oath. "I promise on my honor that I will perform the duties of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ to the best of my knowledge and conscience and will do my utmost for the benefit of our Faculty and University in the spirit of the universal principles of ethics, humanism, and democracy. Spondeo ac polliceor," said prof. Peter Jarčuška, M.D., PhD., to whom the Rector professor Pavol Sovák handed over the appointment decree for the position of Dean until 12 November 2026 and decorated him with the insignia - the chain of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ. He wished the new dean good health and much success in this position and also expressed his great support.

    "It is a great moment for me to get to the head of the institution, which stretches through my whole life since I was eighteen years old, as I studied at this Faculty and gradually worked as an assistant professor, associate professor, and professor, I served as a member and later as the Head of the Academic Senate and then as the Vice-Dean of the Faculty. I appreciate all this very much because the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ is a great brand and is part of an excellent university, headed by the Rector, professor Pavol Sovák, whom I thank for the excellent cooperation and I firmly believe that it will be even better for the benefit of our Faculty and the University in the future.
    My great thanks go to my predecessor, professor Daniel Pella, with whom I have been acquainted since my undergraduate days and have had the honor of working with him in various positions. I must say that professor Pella is a visionary who has moved our Faculty of Medicine significantly forward by, among other things, bringing the Slovacrin national research infrastructure for academic clinical trials to our Faculty, which has improved our success rate in obtaining high-quality grants, completing the refurbishment of the cladding of our building, and establishing the Centre for Simulation and Virtual Medicine. Daniel Pella had to cope with two extremely difficult periods as Dean - firstly, he had to put together a quarreled faculty, which he managed to do in a very short time, and then he had to cope with the management during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, he managed to restore a dignified position to the clinical staff of the Faculty of Medicine at L. Pasteur University Hospital, especially the heads of the clinics, but also to the other teaching staff of the clinics, for which I would like to thank him very much,"
he said. The newly appointed Dean Peter Jarčuška also thanked all the members of the previous Faculty Board for a well-done job, and last but not least, he mentioned the students of our faculty, "who showed their skill and dedication during the long months of the pandemic and thanks to whom we managed the situation not only at our Faculty and University but also in the entire Eastern Slovakia region".

    The newly appointed Dean promised the students to introduce further innovative processes and new methodologies into the pedagogical process aimed at improving the quality of teaching, emphasizing the exceptional position of clinical teaching in the education of future doctors and other healthcare professionals. Another priority of the new Dean is to improve the results of scientific research activities.
    At the end of his speech prof. Peter Jarčuška stated that he is a fan of Liverpool FC, whose motto is 'You'll never walk alone', and therefore he believes that if we walk together in this Faculty, where so many excellent people work, we cannot be unsuccessful.

Last update: 24.11.2022