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European Medical Students' Orchestra and Choir

Students of medicine of the University of Rijeka, Croatia are organizing a medical cultural project - European Medical Students' Orchestra and Choir (EMSOC). This project gathers medical students with musical education and/or talent from all across Europe for an annual meeting of medical musicians where participants form a symphony orchestra and a choir. The meeting takes place in a different European city each year with around 100 participants from more than 15 European countries and it culminates with 2-3 concerts which the audience describes as "thrilling, passionate and breathtaking". For around 20 years, this project has been organized by European medical students and this year, medical students of the University of Rijeka will host the next EMSOC in Rijeka, Croatia from July 26th till August 6th 2012.

You will find all the information regarding the project on website:

All medical students and junior doctors with musical education and/or musical talent are invited to participate in this event.

For any further information, feel free to write to:

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