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Saudi day

      The lobby of the UPJS MF Aula experienced a huge bustle due to an event prepared by the medical students from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students introduced their country, traditional and modern way of their life to their colleagues and teachers between 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. The invitation to the event was accepted by Mr. Mahmed Alanazi, the representative of the Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Austria and Mr. Ali Bin Sager,  the cultural attaché, who together with Prof. MUDr. Ladislav Mirossay, DrSc., the Rector of UPJS and  Dr.h.c. Prof. MUDr. Leonard Siegfried, CSc., the Dean of UPJS MF participated in its ceremonial opening. The idea to organize this event came from the Saudi Arabia students and was support by the Faculty management and also by the Cultural Bureau of the Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Austria. The Cultural Bureau provided material support in the form of large wall posters, carpet, seats, various publications. "The students themselves prepared traditional tea, coffee, spices. The only thing not prepared by the students was a big cake with flags of the Slovak Republic and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the event were involved 25 Saudi students however, all my colleagues, studying at the Medical Faculty, participated in today´s event,“ says the main organizer Shawgy Ibrahim Alhazmi, the student in the 5th year of study programme General Medicine at UPJS MF.
      Arab students dress up in traditional dress and presented difference between past culture and modern one, development of the country, traditions. In addition to their traditional meals, the air was filled by heavy perfume fragrance, the ladies could try oriental painting by henna on their skin, the visitors were delighted by writing their names in beautiful calligraphy way.  „This student activity surprised us pleasantly and I can say that it was really very good one. It reflected high interest from students and Faculty staff that got acquainted with this interesting country, its history and culture. It is very good for mutual learning and establishment of good relations and environment for study," said the Dean of UPJS MF Dr.h.c. prof. MUDr. Leonard Siegfried, CSc. and mentioned that the similar activities of the other nationalities would be highly appreciated.


Last update: 11.01.2018