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NOSTRIFICATION (Recognition of high school diploma)

In your acceptance letter is provided that you are conditionally admitted for the full-time study in the degree programme of General Medicine or Dental Medicine.

You shall prove the fact of meeting the basic condition for admission by presenting a “certificate of equivalence/validation” of the secondary education school-leaving certificate no later than on the date specified for enrolment, your right to enrolment shall become void.

Academic recognition of diplomas or validation of educational documents means recognition of the achieved level of education in order to be admitted to a further course of study. 

Recognition of leaving certificates and diplomas issued by a secondary school or high school in other member state of The European union or in a third state is performed at the Department of Education of the respective District Office (Okresný úrad v sídle kraja, Odbor školstva), after the comparison of the content and length of the education obtained by the applicant and the requirements of the equivalent study program in Slovakia.

How do you obtain the certificate of equivalence/validation called “nostrification”?

  1. You have to fill in the request form for nostrification according the model of the application form for nostrification.
  2. Make a simple photocopy of your passport or ID (not a driving licence). If you are from the country out of The European Union, please add also the photocopy of your Residence permit card. The photocopy of your ID or passport is the attachment to the request form for the nostrification.
  3. Pay a nostrification fee. If you graduated the secondary school or high school in Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Ukraine, you have to buy KOLOK in any post office in amount of 5€ and you do not need to arrange the Apostille. If you graduated secondary school or high school in any other country within or out of The European Union, you have to buy KOLOK in any post office in amount of 30 €.

    The existing difference between the nostrification fee is due to the mutual agreement concluded between The Slovak Republic and above mentioned countries (Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Ukraine).

    The KOLOK is the option how we pay the administrative fee and it looks like a receipt with QR code. You can buy it in any post office.
  4. Add also notary certified copy of your school leaving certificate with apostille or superlegalization and sworn translation into Slovak language.
  5. Then submit above mentioned documents (Filled Request form for nostrification, copy of your passport or ID, payment (KOLOK) in amount of 5 € or 30 € and notary certified apostilled/ superlegalized school leaving certificate translated by sworn translator into Slovak language) to Okresný úrad v sidle kraja, Odbor školstva, Zádielska 1, 041 26 Košice to Mr. Kotlár or Mr. Vince (1st  floor, last or penultimate door).

    They will issue you the “decision on nostrification” in Slovak language (Rozhodnutie o nostrifikácii) within 30 days from the submission of your request form with all necessary documents (if your submitted documents will be sufficient).
  6. Pick up the “decision on nostrification” from the office in Zádielska 1, Košice on the day specified by the officer.
  7. Submit the “Decision on nostrification” on the enrolment at the latest.

More information provided by JUDr. Andrea Zjarová –, +421 55 234 3319


Last update: 29.05.2019