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Expanding the activities of the Centre for Knowledge and Information Systems

The Faculty of Science of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and VSL Software, a.s. are continuing their cooperation within the Centre for Knowledge and Information Systems (CeZIS) and the UVP Technicom in teaching courses of Process modelling.

The lectures are held by the Faculty of Science for both the students of courses of Applied Informatics and analysts of the VSL Software Company. The seminars are held by employees of the VSL Software Company with emphasis on practical application of process modelling in the development of information software. An interesting symbiosis of the academic and commercial sphere is thus evolving. On the one hand a space for expanding the knowledge base of IT specialists and on the other, the transfer of practical experience to the students of the Bachelors study program of Applied Informatics.

The activity is an expansion on the previous ones of the CeZIS: a cooperation on the development of the academic information system AiS2 and the organising of joint seminars in the field of Data Analytics.

Last update: 27.02.2017