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The regional round of the international robotics competition for children up to age 15 was once again organised by the Faculty of Science of the P. J. Šafárik University

The First Lego League is the largest international robotics competition for children from age 9 to 15. One of the 7 regional rounds was once again organised by the Faculty of Science on the 10th of January 2018.

The competition was held at Kulturpark Košice. 19 teams took part, and altogether 146 children of ages 9 to 15 presented their robots and fought for the chance to make it to the semi-finals. 3 teams have already made it in the previous regional rounds held. This number has grown to 6, after the regional round held in Košice, out of a maximum number of 10, who will be able to take part in the Central-European round to be held in Poland.

This year’s theme, coined “Hydro Dynamics”, was concerned with water and everything connected with it. How to find it, transport it, utilise it, get rid of it, which was also supposed to be showcased in projects. The challenge was to find better ways for finding, transporting, utilising and getting rid of water.

The morning’s rounds were dedicated to Robot Design, Showcasing research projects and Team work. The Talentum SAP team dominated these, winning two first places and coming in second in the Team work category. In the afternoon the Robot Games took place, which consists of a 150 second lightning round, in which robots are trying to autonomously solve as many challenges as they can. Talentum SAP dominated this category as well, earning the most points (330). In the regional round, team Talentum SAP came in first, second was M-TEAM. The 3rd place had to be decided in a decisive match of Robot Game between teams GALEJEnextGEN and Primaškolák. The latter will have the honour of continuing to the semi-finals in Poland.

This event is sponsored by - ANASOFT APR, s.r.o., Profesia, spol. s r. o., Nadácia ESET, SAP Slovensko. The events partners are - EDUXE Slovensko, s.r.o., Localization Guru, IT Valley association, Združenie STROM, OZ Prírodovedec, KE Eastcubator a košické IT firmy. Mediálnymi partnermi - PC REVUE, Quark,

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