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One of the two winners of the 5th year Crytur Award is a student of the FS P.J. Šafárik University

The 5th year of the Crytur Award has two definite winners. The first place was achieved by Dominika Capková from the Faculty of Science P.J. Šafárik University and by a student from the CVUT in Prague. The jury consisting of scientific workers of the Crytur Ltd. evaluated 40 diploma theses of the field of material sciences written by students of Slovak and Czech universities.

The competition was announced by the Crytur Ltd. company in co-operation with

Dominika Capková, the second winner, who has completed her studies in physical chemistry at the Faculty of Science P.J.Š. University, was also given a financial reward for her thesis Fabrication and characterization of nanocomposites for post lithium-ion batteries. Her supervisor was doc. RNDr. Andrea Straková Fedorková, Ph.D from the Institute of Chemistry FS P.J.Š. University, Department of Physical Chemistry.

Apart from the three winning diploma theses, their supervisors were also awarded. The major element of this year´s competition was the aimed co-operation of authors with foreign European departments. After the awarding ceremony the winners could get to know the R/D program which was the sponsor of the competition, visit the particular plants for growing and machining mono crystals and for assembling the end products used for electron microscopy, laser technologies or high-performance LED diodes.

Congratulations to Dominika and Mrs. Fedorková for their successful project

Last update: 08.08.2018