Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


HRS4R questionnaire survey at UPJŠ

The aim of the HRS4R survey was to map the perception of the scientific environment at UPJŠ in Košice.

The survey was designed for the following categories of employees:

  • PhD students and assistants,
  • assistants with PhD. and researchers,
  • associate professors and independent researchers,
  • professors and senior researchers.

We would like to thank all the employees, who participated in the survey at UPJŠ. We will gradually inform you about the results of the survey. All the suggestions that emerged from the survey were incorporated into the GAP analysis and action plan.

Survey Report is available in Slovak language. Please be patient, if you cannot find the English version. We are working on it at the moment. In order to ensure and improve the bilingual environment at our university for the students and university staff members as stated in the university’s HRS4R Action Plan (Action 18), UPJŠ is working on the translation of all its key documents. The documents will be uploaded gradually. Here is the document with the summary information on the survey and its respondents.


463 employees and PhD students took part in the university-wide survey, all faculties and relevant workplaces of the university were involved. Most of the respondents belonged to the categories of assistants with PhD and PhD students.


Age of the Respondents

Below 30Below 30: 27%
31 - 3531 - 35: 14%
36 - 4036 - 40: 13%
41 - 5041 - 50: 23%
51 - 6051 - 60: 10%
61 - 7061 - 70: 11%
Above 71: 1%


Gender of the survey participants

FeminineFeminine: 54%
MasculineMasculine: 42%
No answer: 4%


Profiles of the researchers

R1R1: 30%
R2R2: 35%
R3R3: 25%
R4R4: 11%
Last update: 17.08.2021