Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


Geography (courses offered by the Faculty of Science/Institute of Geography) - 2019/2020

Faculty: Faculty of Sciences
Department/Institute: Institute of Geography
Study field: Geography
Cumpulsory courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
ÚGE/HYD/07 Hydrology and hydrogeography summer 1 b
ÚGE/GEX1/07 Field excursion in Geology summer 1 b
ÚGE/EXFG/15 Field Excursion in Physical Geography summer 2 b
ÚGE/KAG/15 Cartography and Geoinformatics winter 1 b
ÚGE/GIS/15 Geographic Information Systems winter 2 b
ÚGE/TPM/13 Fieldwork in Topographic Mapping summer 1 b
ÚGE/DPZ/15 Remote Sensing winter 1 m
ÚGE/ISU/12 Land Information Systems summer 1 m
ÚGE/PAM/18 Spatial Analyses and Modelling winter 1 m
ÚGE/DSK/15 Terrestrial Laser Scanning summer 1 m
ÚGE/BLZ/16 Unmannned Aerial Vehicles winter 2 m
ÚGE/EXHG1/15 Fieldwork Excursion in Human Geography summer 3 b
ÚGE/HGS/15 Human Geography of the Slovak Republic summer 3 b
ÚGE/GNS/15 Global Navigation Satellite Systems summer 1 m
Compulsory elective courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
ÚGE/APG/15 Applied Geoinformatics summer 2 m
ÚGE/ZAE/15 International excursion summer 2 m
Elective courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
ÚGE/GMAP/13 Geomorphological mapping summer 1 m
ÚGE/LOS/18 Linux and Open Source GIS winter 2 b
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