Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


Informatics (courses offered by the Faculty of Science/Institute of Computer Science) - 2020/2021

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Contact person:
Institute of Computer Science
doc. RNDr. Csaba Török, CSc.

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department/Institute: Institute of computer science
Study field: Informatics
Cumpulsory courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
ÚINF/ APS1/15 Applied probability and statistics 1 1
ÚINF/ VYZ1/15 Computational Complexity 1 1
Compulsory elective courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
ÚINF/ KKV1/15 Classical and Quantum Computations 2 1
ÚINF/ KPI1/15 Coding and information transfer 1,3 1
ÚINF/ VKN/15 Computational and cognitive neuroscience 3 1
ÚINF/ ARP1/15 Computer architecture 2,4 1
ÚINF/ KRP1/15 Cryptographic Protocols 1 1
ÚINF/ AIS1/15 Information systems architecture 2 1
ÚINF/ UUI1/15 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4 1
ÚINF/ LAD1/15 Logical Aspects of Databases 2 1
ÚINF/ VYU1/15 Machine Learning 2 1
ÚINF/ NEU1/15 Neural Networks 1 1
ÚINF/ PDS1/15 Parallel and Distributed Systems 2,4 1
ÚINF/ SPS1/15 Seminar in network programming 1 1
Elective courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
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