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Law (courses offered by the Faculty of Law) - 2020/2021

Faculty of Law
Department/Institute:  -
Study field:  0421 Law
Elective courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
none 1. Administrative Trial spring 2020/2021
none 2. Civil Substantive Law spring 2020/2021
none 3. Comparative Company Law and Corporate Governance autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 4. Comparative Constitutionalism spring 2020/2021
none 5. Comparative Law autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 6. Comparative Tax Law (with Focus on Slovak Tax Law) autumn 2020/2021
none 7. Constitutional Judiciary autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 8. Constitutional Law of Slovak Republic autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 9. Criminal Law Substantive autumn 2020/2021
none 10. Das Umweltrecht autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 11. European Union Competition Law autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 12. European Union Constitutional Law autumn 2020/2021
none 13. Fundamentals of Labour Law and Social Security Law in EU autumn 2020/2021
none 14. Jurisprudence autumn 2020/2021
none 15. Labour Law spring 2020/2021
none 16. Procedural Criminal Law autumn 2020/2021
none 17. Regionalism and International Law autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 18. Studentꞌs Social Protection autumn 2020/2021
none 19. Theory and Practice of Legislative autumn/spring 2020/2021
none 20. Private International Law autumn/spring 2020/2021

Notice: Some changes in the Course Catalogue 2020/2021 are reserved.  

Attention! The courses with the information „autumn/spring“ are offered either for the autumn semester or for the spring semester.
It is required to specify exactly in which semester do you want to attend the course, and the selected courses are only for one semester.

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