Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


Political Science (courses offered by the Faculty of Arts /Department of Political Science) - 2022/2023



Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Department/Institute: Department of Political Science
Study field: Political Science (BA + MA)
Cumpulsory courses:
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
KPO/ZAKSO/10 Fundamentals of Sociology W 1 BA
KPO/OLPZS/10 Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms S 1 BA
KPO/BPS/12 Security Policy of the Slovak Republic W BA
KPO/POLID/10 Political Ideologies S 2 BA
KPO/UMP/10   Introduction to International Relations S 3 BA
KPO/POLSO/10 Political Sociology W 1 MA
KPO/MPOL1/10    International Politics W 1 MA
KPO/SOPO/15  Social Welfare Policy S 1 MA
KPO/GEPOL/15 Geopolitics W 2 MA


Last update: 13.06.2022