Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


Psychology (courses offered by the Faculty of Arts /Department of Psychology) 2021/2022

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Department/Institute: Department of Psychology
Study field: Psychology (Bachelor + Master)
Abbreviation Course name Semester Level
KPS/SYP/06 Systems of psychology Winter
KPS/NPS/12 Neuropsychology Summer BC
KPS/USM/15 Introduction to Statistical Methods Summer BC
KPS/KOGPS/11 Cognitive psychology Summer BC
KPS/VKP/20 Research in Clinical Psychology Winter MA
KPS/KLP/08 Clinical Psychology Winter MA
KPS/PDO/08 Psychodiagnostics of Adults Winter MA
KPS/STA2/08 Statistics 2 Winter MA
KPS/ORG/15 Psychology of Organisations Winter MA
KPS/KAZKL/12 Casuistic Seminar in Clinical Psychology Summer MA
KPS/EPS/16 Ethics for psychological practice Summer MA
KPS/ASP/15 Applied Social Psychology Summer MA
KPS/PDE/08 Psychodiagnostics of Children and Young Adults Summer MA
KPS/PPR/08 Psychology of Work Summer     MA
KPS/PTER/08 Psychotherapy Summer     MA
KPS/PDP/08 Educational Psychology Summer MA
Last update: 07.12.2021