Successful student project Meet the Citizen 2.0 at BAS FF UPJŠ

On 20 September 2021, the Department of British and American Studies FF UPJŠ hosted representatives of the civil organization European House of Budapest and held a meeting with students of the translation and interpretation study programs to discuss the European Union's impact on the development of our regions. We discussed the issue of European solidarity which is also reflected in the co-financing of important projects due to which the infrastructure of the Member States is developing and differences in the quality of life between individual Member States have been reduced. Our students presented their mini projects in which they searched for and presented already implemented projects that were co-financed from European sources. They pointed out to the importance of environmental protection and biodiversity, looked for answers on how to better combat climate change, how to help families and how to develop communication infrastructures and networks in our region more effectively.
Our guests were very satisfied with the readiness of the students, their creative and active approach to discussions and their projects. Two students from the BAS FF UPJŠ - Lucia Gondová and Martin Hudák - were awarded for their active participation and quality of their work with the opportunity to travel with other selected students from five member countries involved in the project between 24-31 October 2021 to Brussels, Berlin and Stockholm, where they will meet experts on development and cohesion policy and will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the highest European level. The students will be accompanied by a member of the BAS FF UPJŠ, Mgr. Július Rozenfeld, PhD., who teaches European Studies, has prepared students for the project meeting and coordinates the project at the BAS FF UPJŠ.
The project also includes a photo competition in which students present their photo and video projects in which they present successful accomplishments that have contributed to the development of Slovakia and were fully or partially funded from European sources. The best photo and video projects will be awarded valuable prizes: 1st prize is € 500, 2nd prize is € 300 and 3rd prize is € 100.
We believe that our cooperation continues with the European House as well as with partner universities from the five participating countries.

Mgr. Július Rozenfeld, PhD.
Assistant lecturer at BAS FF UPJŠ

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