Another successful semester of Skills for Success course

Students of the British and American Studies Department FF UPJŠ in Košice received their BSCF American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia certificates about having completed Skills for Success – from University to Workplace training series in the previous three semesters on 2 May 2022. Our cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce and with representatives of business and industry in the Košice region have resulted in three more groups of undergraduate students having received specialized education and training in hard and soft skills for their future workplace.
We would like to express our thanks to Dr. Peter Rusiňák, Senior Policy Manager of AmCham and Dr. Viktória Moros, Manager and Coordinator of PMO team at IBM and the coordinator of the course who coordinate the training of our students and found time to pay a visit to the Department of British and American Studies FF UPJŠ and award the certificates to the students.
Dr. Rusiňák and Dr. Moros at the same time participated in the assessment of the final presentations of the students of the current course and together with Dr. Rozenfeld evaluated the results of students' work. This training model is still unique in Slovakia and participation in the program is a great privilege for UPJŠ. At the BAS FF UPJŠ we constantly work on enhancing, updating, and modernizing the program to respect the actual needs of the Slovak and international job markets.

Mgr. Július Rozenfeld, PhD.
Deputy Head of BAS FF UPJŠ

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