Career & Club Week at the BAS FF UPJŠ is back (after Covid break)


Our students’ success is our success. Therefore the Department of British and American Studies FF UPJŠ is restarting the effort to connect alumni, colleagues from the region with our undergraduates, master, and doctoral students after two years.

Our main goal is to inspire our student community, express our gratitude to our precious colleagues and alumni and pay tribute to their hard work and success. We would also like to connect our institution with the wide network of successful graduates who can tell us what the secret of their success is and how their studies at the Department of British and American Studies have helped them find remunerative jobs at home and abroad. 

The series of meetings organized by Dr. Zuzana Buráková, Deputy Head of the BAS FF UPJŠ, started on 16 May 2022 when our alumna, Šárka Patkošová shared her experiences and her way to become one of the most successful coaches of Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa a. s. Her talk, Skills for the Future, was of great value and the discussion between her and our students was very motivating. We want to thank Šárka for her time and sharing her valuable thoughts with us and hope to welcome her at our institution in the future.


Dr. Július Rozenfeld
Deputy Head of the BAS FF UPJŠ

Career and Club Week at the BAS FF UPJŠ – the second day

The Career and Club Week at the BAS FF UPJŠ continued on the 17 May 2022 by the three activities of its second day.
The students club ELSE organised a discussion "Coffee with..." with our two Erasmus+ students - Madina Abdurakhmanova from Uzbekistan and Anna Chapidze from Georgia. The leaders of ELSE – Bc. Jakub Paľovčík and Miroslava Navrátilová – asked our precious student guests not only about their Slovak impressions but also about the geographical, cultural and social differences and how they experience them during their stay in reality of present-day Slovakia.
The second activity of the day was a presentation on "Why to become a teacher" not only for the students of double BA and MA degree study programmes at the BAS FF UPJŠ. Our successful graduate Mgr. Katarína Rybárová provided a very attractive and interesting outline of the real work of a school teacher in the ľ+st century, taking into account its positives and negatives and she based her talk on her own experience of a teacher of English and History at the bilingual J. A. Komenský Evangelical Secondary Grammar School in Košice. We are very grateful to Katarína for her sharing information and advice with our students.
Our PhD students and a member of ELSE Mgr. Lucia Gállová organised the second informal "Coffee with..." hosting our Fulbright professor Jeffrey Elton Anderson and our French lector Sophie Depelley. The students had an opportunity to ask questions related to their professional and private lives and the guest speakers shared their impressions from their stays in Slovakia. The informal atmosphere and open attitudes of the quests contributed to informative, interesting and motivating time spent together.
And we continue on Wednesday and Thursday!


Dr. Július Rozenfeld
Deputy-Head of BAS FF UPJŠ

The third and forth day of Career and Club Week at the BAS FF UPJŠ

After the first two successful and very active days, the Career and Club Week at the BAS FF UPJŠ continued on the 18 May 2022 by more professional and social activities.
Our amazing alumnas Dr. Lýdia Desiatniková and Mgr. Simona Albertová from the bilingual section of the Business Academy Watsonova 61 in Košice presented their unique experience from organizing volunteering activities for Ukrainian refugees in which participated also students of tthe Department of British and American Studies FF UPJŠ. In their presentation with a title “Teaching is not just about teaching”, they explained how volunteering work enhances students´ soft skills and strengthens the bond between a student and a teacher.
The afternoon presentation belonged to our alumna Mgr. Lívia Gaľová, a communication specialist and presenter at Deutche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, who explained to our students that these positions, but especially her role as a mum, taught her that nothing in life comes easy. In her motivational presentation, she clarified to students what work in the field of communications and copywriting entails.
Late Wednesday afternoon was dedicated to networking in our "Platon building." Our second year MA students had an opportunity to meet the members of the BAS Alumni Club and the Club of the Teachers of English and were offered to join the students club ELSE. We introduced our premises to those who visited us for the first time and started the discussion about the stories of their professional and personal success. Success stories continued to be shared at the informal dinner until late night.
Thursday of 19 May 2022 belonged to teachers. We met the members of the Club of the Teachers of English at the event organised by our partner American Centre in the Košice Scientific Library. Our colleague, Dr. Július Rozenfeld presented there our latest arrival – PRAXIS tests, seful for all those who plan to teach abroad.
Looking forward to the next edition of the BAS Career and Club Week in December!

Dr. Zuzana Buráková
Deputy-Head of BAS FF UPJŠ

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