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Graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Medicine

    The graduation ceremonies of fresh graduates of the study programmes Physiotherapy, Nursing Care, Public Health, General Medicine in Slovak Language, Dental Medicine in Slovak language, General Medicine in English Language and Dental Medicine in English Language took place in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS on June 27 and June 28, 2019. The Rector of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice prof. Pavol Sovák, RNDr., CSc. pointed out in his ceremonial speech that the years of study had passed very quickly and even though that many times they had been extremely demanding, the time of university studies was one of the most beautiful in life. “Live and work so that we don't disappoint in you. Vivat Faculty of Medicine and its young graduates! ”emphasized the Magnificence.

    "A long and never-ending fight against evil and diseases, which you should take away from the sick, as John Coffey did in the cult film Green Mile, is waiting for you. You understand you will very often be as tired and exhausted from your work as him. I can assure you, that despite of that, you will continuously discover new and new hidden enthusiasm for the continuation of the never-ending story of true medicine study that in fact – starts now,‘’ said Spektabilis, Dean prof. Daniel Pella, M.D. PhD., to the fresh graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and according to him there is time for a change in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, because the near future of medicine is also in so-called computer learning and using of artificial intelligence.
    „A team of wise doctors, informatics and technics will create the patients‘ databases from the whole world and then each doctor can choose the best treatment for any patient himself.  Human brain doesn´t have a capacity to evaluate billions of contexts. Based on logic it is able to confirm the offered technical conveniences of modern medicine... We are proud that UPJŠ MF iniciated a formation of these databases not only in Košice but in whole Slovakia. We will create new possibilities for the common exchange of skills with the doctors in whole Europe through the projects ECRIN-SLOVACRIN,“ pointed out the Dean.
    „At first, we should protect patients during the medical education. Virtual medicine seeks for a place somewhere on the line between artificial intelligence and real patient. This is what this country owes to its future doctors“ pointed out prof. Daniel Pella, M.D., PhD. and added that the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ has long been investing extra-budgetary resources acquired from studying of foreign students in the modernization of teaching.
    At the end of his speech, the Dean wished the fresh graduates to find a lot of joyful moments and bring true love to medicine in their work and to keep never ending desire for new knowledge. „I hope you will get enough thanks and appreciations from your patients, relatives or superiors. Learn to control your joy from your success. Resist the idea you can not fail. On the contrary, let your most unsatisfied patient be your source of lesson. Then also we, your teachers, would enjoy the sense of meaningful profession and together with you be proud of our Alma Mater, the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ in Košice,“ he said.

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