Due to the conclusions from the meeting of the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic, the decision of the Chief Public Health Officer of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, to which the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Slovak Republic ordered to discontinue the full-time presence study in the implementation of study programs until March 27th, 2020.


Dear Colleagues,

Dear students,

in connection with the above-mentioned decision of the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic, full-time teaching at the Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ in Košice will be interrupted at all three study  degrees until March 27th, 2020 (note: all activities during the weekend of 28.-29.3.2020 are also canceled).

According to this situation, the following regulations will apply until that date:

1. All forms of full-time presence study shall be prohibited for all three study degrees. During this period, the teaching process will be carried out by distance, self-study or other suitable method.

• All exams, state exams, attestation exams and consultation hours are also canceled during the interruption  of full-time presence study. It is forbidden for students to attend the faculty, its lecture areas and educational places, and no personal contact with teachers is recommended.

• In case of unavailability of the student due to illness or quarantine measures, the student shall report his / her unavailability and the estimated time of unavailability electronically to his / her officer, or to the study department.

• The study department of the faculty communicates with students only electronically in the stated period. E-mail contacts of the Study Department can be found at https://www.upjs.sk/en/faculty-of-medicine/current-students/department-of-student-affairs/ , or the contacts of employees of the Dean's office https://www.upjs.sk/en/faculty-of-medicine/deans-office/ .

2. Pedagogical staff of UPJŠ LF are obliged to carry out strict control of distance education, which should be realized as far as possible and exclusively in electronic form, while:

• Each teacher is obliged to contact students by e-mail or otherwise electronically by distance learning according to the schedule and assign studying for home, and contol it electronically, at least on a weekly basis, in case of block teaching  on daily basis. The head of the clinic / institute is responsible for such control.

• Students' work, if any, must be archived and, if necessary, handed to. 

• Teachers will provide the material of planned and unrealized lectures to students electronically (by e-mail or by publishing it on the faculty website).

3. All employees of UPJŠ LF will work in this period according to the orders of the head of clinic/institute, who will consider the current epidemiological situation, adopted regulations of state authorities and decisions of the management of UPJŠ in Košice and UPJŠ LF.

4. Each employee is obliged to fulfill the specified tasks and respond to email communication, or be accessible on phone. Employees cannot leave their permanent (or temporary) residences during regular working hours and, if necessary, they must be fully available and present at the faculty within a certain time. At the same time, employees are obliged to follow the university mails, the website and AiS2 (or the Faculty's FB profile) for the duration of the special security measures.

• Employees who have a non-school employment follow the employer's instructions. 

Should there be a critical epidemiological situation and, due to the lack of medical staff, it would be necessary to ensure the running of hospitals with the help of students, such participation would be considered as a practical part of the teaching according to the study programs.

After two weeks, the measures adopted will be reviewed on according to the current situation. If necessary, the distance form of study will be extended or full-time presence study will start again. Instructions for staff and students will be published in time.


Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

I believe that we will manage this difficult situation together


Košice, 15th March 2020


                    prof. MUDr. Daniel Pella, PhD.

                                                                                                               dean of FM UPJŠ




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