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Biology – Master study programme – Genetics and Molecular Cytology

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Graduate will be able independently to solve research problems in biology and biology applications. He or she will have knowledge and experience in research methods of living systems at the different organization levels (molecule, cell, organism, population, and ecosystem). Graduates will be able to assist in teaching of biology disciplines at the higher education level. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the basic biological disciplines (genetics, molecular biology, plant and animal physiology, cytology, immunology, microbiology, etiology, botany, zoology, human biology, ecology etc.), in several chemistry disciplines and multidisciplinary sciences. Graduates have excellent chances to be successful in wide range of employment at the research institutions with focus in biology and chemistry fields (Slovak Academy of Sciences, universities, health care, forestry and agriculture, food industry, environmental protection agencies). It is assumed that majority of graduates will continue in the 3rd degree of higher education, i.e. Ph.D. programme, in one of the biology study progammes at institutions at home or abroad.

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