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Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing – Graduate characteristic

0minút, 52sekúnd

The graduate has a wide knowledge on theoretical and empirical aspects of geoinformatics amd remote sensing. The graduate is able to use the newest GIS methods and geospatial technologies. He/She is able to solve complex geospatial problems and apply the geospatial and geographic knowledge to practical tasks in a very innovative way. The graduate is able to research theoretical and methodological aspects of geoinformatics, especially in the area of geospatial analyses, landscape processes modelling and application of the most modern methods of remote sensing. He/She can do a scientific work including publishing the papers in the scientific journals and public presentation of scientific results. He/She can formulate research questions and using appropriate methodologies to solve them creatively. He/she has an excellent overview on the newest knowledge, methods and technologies in the given study area and use them in many practial applications. The graduates are employable in the reseach and development organizations, universities, state and local governments, as well as private sector such as GIS software or data collection and GIS processing companies.

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